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Buying or selling a home can be diffcult and scary on it's own but add to it the commontion and confusion of doing so because you are divorcing and you have the makings of many sleepless nights. I was lucky to find Wendy to help me. Right from the beginning I felt that she was working for ME in every way. She smoothed the path to deal with other agents and even lawyers all with a smile, a hug and soft shoulder. Personal attention is what I needed and what I got and oh my goodness she just knows everyone. Do you need a mortgage, a home inspection or a new roof? It doesn't matter because she can refer you to what ever you need.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Wendy to my friends and family if they were looking for an experienced, knowledgeable and friendly agent. Just don't be surprised when she drops in for coffee after the business of buying and selling is over.
Alanna Fabricius
I would like to relate to you my positive experience using Wendy Fuller of Remax as our buyer agent. As first time homebuyers Wendy Fuller was able to make the purchase of our new home very pleasurable. I would highly recommend Wendy Fuller to any family seeking to purchase a new home.

We had done some investigation into buying a new which included attending a Remax New Home Buyer seminar held by Thomas & Sally Cook. Although the seminar provided valuable information we did not feel comfortable with the buyer associate that had been “assigned” to us by Thomas & Sally Cook.

As we had learned in the New Home Buyer seminar, we set out to find a buyer agent through referrals and an interview. Several family and close friends had referred us to Wendy Fuller as a buyer agent who understood the Real Estate market in the area of Scarborough that we were seeking to purchase a new home.

Wendy graciously agreed to meet with us on a day that we both had off work, Good Friday at our request. Becoming our Buyer Agent was Wendy’s to win or lose during the buyer agent interview. Wendy did an excellent job walking my wife and I through the home buying process, indicating where she would add value to experience. Although I had done investigation into the Home Buying market for some time, for the benefit of my wife and reassure myself, I asked Wendy to explain all aspects of the Home Buying process as though we had no previous knowledge.

Wendy reviewed with us how to read and understand the real estate MLS listings so that we could start looking at the types of various properties available. Wendy indicated that any review we did was only to educate ourselves and she would be reviewing the MLS listings herself.

Before Wendy left our apartment, had lots of information to read and she had setup a brief MLS profile for our to preliminarily review available properties in the area of Scarborough that we had selected. Wendy indicated that the MLS listings were only to acquaint us with the type of available properties near the price range that we had selected.

Wendy left indicating that we would start receiving emails from her in a day or two that contained MLS listings that were similar to the home requirements that we had provided to Wendy. The next day we received an email from Wendy as promised with a much narrower list of properties.

Within a few days, Wendy was able to take us around in the evening to see several homes that had selected from the MLS listings. From that first evening, Wendy as able to quickly understand what we desired in our new house. Wendy provided us the next day with MLS listings, which fit both our feature list, and the feedback that we had given her from the home viewings.

During our home viewings Wendy helped us to understand what to look for in buying a new home, where potential costs would be incurred to make repairs and a rough estimate of the cost.

Once we had selected the house that we wanted to make an offer, Wendy reviewed with us again the process of making the offer and the conditions that we should attach to the offer. Wendy’s knowledge of the area of Scarborough, and her experience assisted us in getting our offer conditionally accepted by the seller at a price below the MLS listing. After several attempts, Wendy was also able to negotiate a more favorable closing date, which assisted us with our move from our apartment.

Although I had already received a mortgage pre-approval letter from my bank, I was not happy with their mortgage products or the level of service that I was being provided. This was a big purchase and we wanted personal service that would present our needs. Wendy was able to recommend to us an excellent Mortgage Broker, Arpad Komjathy of Dynamic Mortgages. As with Wendy, Arpad graciously agreed to meet with me at our apartment. Arpad was able to articulate very well the various mortgage products that we might be interested in based upon my requests. Arpad did an excellent job in ensuring that I understood any risks and benefits associated with the mortgage products that we were seeking. The key was flexibility, and Arpad was able to find a mortgage product that fit my flexibility requirements while providing the best rate. The mortgage approval went through very easily with Arpad’s assistance. Allowing us to remove the first condition of our offer. Although, we had the mortgage approved, through Arpad’s efforts were able to make changes to the mortgage right up to the closing date.

One of the conditions that we placed on the home offer was a home inspection, since we were new homebuyers we asked Wendy to recommend to us a home inspector that she had worked with before. Wendy was able to recommend to us Bob Pearce of Grassroots for our house inspection. Both Wendy and Bob walked me through the house inspection from top to bottom, outside to inside. Bob provided us with a very detailed home inspection report. To our delight, there were no major defects in the house so we were able to remove that last condition of our offer.

Since we were new homebuyers we asked Wendy to recommend to us a real estate lawyer that she had worked with before. Wendy was able to recommend several real estate lawyers in the Scarborough east area. We selected William Tatham of Tatham, Pearson Barristers & Solicitors. Thanks to Wendy and Bill the transaction of purchasing the house went without a hitch, and we got the closing on the busiest real estate closing day of the year.

Wendy stayed in communication with us the time from the offer being unconditionally accepted right up to our move in date. Wendy came a visited our new home shortly after we moved in, and provided us with a very nice house-warming gift.

I would highly recommend Wendy Fuller to anyone seeking to purchase a home whether they are new homebuyers or experienced buyers. Wendy’s experience and care to her clients is top notch. Wendy goes that extra step to make the home buying experience pleasurable, and gives you that personnel attention.
Alan Butterfield
In January, We "Staged" one of my listings and here is what my happy seller had to say:

"Does Staging Make a Difference"

Upon getting an offer from "Staging" to make changes in my home, I must admit I was not very optimistic about having it done.

Due to circumstances I did not have the ambition to redecorate or make changes to my home.

My home had been on the market twice previously with only a couple of degrading offers. The ladies and gentlement of Staging soon turned that around, and all in one day the master bedroom was totally changed and in a way I myself would have never dreamed of. It was much like walking into a luxury hotel room. Two other bedrooms were changed also for the better. The kitchen table was made smaller and angled into a different position and counter top clutter removed. The "clutter" removed were items that I did not consider to be clutter, little did I know what clutter really included. An area carpet was removed from my family room revealing all of the hardwood floors, pictures removed and/or relocated, some furniture was also removed. I considered my family room to be of a good size, when the staging was complete it made it look even more spacious. Living room and dining room areas were changed and rearranged; drapery was also removed making the rooms look much bigger and brighter. Ornaments and pictures were also packaged or relocated. Prior to staging my two nephews and myself went around the house trying to figure out what could be changed. We were really amazed at the difference in our home. My first impression was WOW! The difference that the team made was really unbelievable, even in the bathroom.

In my eyes it was like walking into a model home. I now see why it makes such a difference to remove personal items. I think when people are house searching they want to visualize their own items in the home. Staging is a terrific way to make tasteful changes to help sell your home.

Thank you to all the hard workers and Wendy, who made it possible to help sell my home.

I sold my house within the next week.

Yours truly,
Lil Dougall
16 Buggey Lane, Ajax, Ontario
Lil Dougall
Dear Wendy,

Colleen, Vince and myself would like to express our great appreciation for the services you provided to us with respect to purchasing our home.

Your knowledge, expertise, and the warm welcome you gave us every time we went out on a viewing with you, certainly made this purchase much easier on us and an enjoyable experience. You must be awarded on the patience you had with us, because you certainly had lots with respect to a sale that we decided not to take and the house that we finally did purchase, as you went beyond the call of duty to even help us get things done around the house that we did not anticipate at the time of closing. I am sure that many real estate agents would not have done what you and Arpad did for us, and again we can't thank you enough.

You came recommended to us from Vince's parents and we would certainly not hesitate in recommending you to any of our friends who are in a position to purchase a home.

Thank you so much for your time and effort you put into making sure that we were happy and taken care of.

Yours truly,
Natalie, Colleen and Vince
Natalie, Colleen & Vince
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Preparing for Showings

First Impressions
Remember, when a prospect comes to look at your house, the first thing they will see is your home's front door! Make it look fresh and clean. Be sure your lawn and landscaping is well manicured and trim looking. Be sure the yard is free of refuse and leaves. If it has snowed, be certain the ice and snow is removed from walks and steps.

What You Show Is What You Get
Faded walls and worn woodwork will reduce the appeal of your home. Why try to tell a prospect how your home could look when you can show them by a reasonable amount of redecoration? A quicker sale at a higher price will result. Invest in wallpaper in the kitchen or bathroom. It will pay dividends for you.

Let the Sun Shine In
Open those drapes and curtains all the way, so the prospect can see how bright and cheerful your home is.

Fix That Leaky Faucet
Dripping water discolours sinks and suggests to the buyer that the plumbing may be faulty or worn out.

Little Things Mean A Lot
Take a few minutes to check to be sure that your doors don't stick or have loose knobs on them. Don't forget your windows and cabinet drawers. Try and repair any minor flaws since they do detract from your home's value.

Safety First and Always
Be certain stairways are clear and clean since this will avoid injuries around your home, as well as avoid distraction to the potential buyers.

From Top To Bottom
Display your attic, basement, utility space and crawl spaces by removing all unnecessary articles. A coat of paint can do wonders if your basement appears dark and dreary.

Big Closets
Make them look bigger by having them neat and well organized to show that your home has ample closet space.

Bathrooms Sell Homes
Make those rooms absolutely sparkle. Check and repair any damaged or discoloured caulking in the bathtubs and showers, and be sure that the towels and area rugs are bright.

Bedrooms Shouldn't Sleep
Keep those rooms bright and cheerful. Remove any excess furniture and be sure to use attractive and colourful bedspreads, and fresh curtains.

Shine On
Your home's illumination can be a "welcome sign" to that prospective buyer! Turn on all your outside and inside lights when showing your home at night and they'll feel a glowing warmth as a result of your lighting.

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